A day after the Cornell exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art closed, we caught up with Cornell artist and curator Sarah Cornell.

She told RTE: “I’ve been doing Cornell for 15 years now, and it’s a fantastic experience, but also a little bit scary at times.”

The show, titled Cornell: The Art of the Unseen, opened in Canada last month.

It’s been the highlight of my life, but I’ve been on Cornell the last two days, and I was in the city for the first time this weekend, so I had to catch up with Sarah and take in the show.

Sarah said she wanted to capture what she saw in the exhibition, and what’s happening in the Correll family.

“We’re very aware of the work that’s going on in our art community.

We have a very strong community, and this exhibition is a great opportunity to celebrate that.”

Sarah and her husband, James Cornell, are one of a number of Cornells who are taking part in the series.

James, who is also a member of the Corliss family, said the exhibition is an extension of the artist’s life.

“It’s a continuation of our family, the Corlovics,” he said.

“The Corlays have been a family that has been involved in this art world for decades, so the work here is part of our history, and part of the way we are doing our work.”

Sarah added that Cornell has never been happier.

“I’m thrilled that Corlondys artwork has been recognised and recognised and celebrated,” she said.

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