In a city that is known for its artistic history and cultural vibrancy, New York’s art world is also the best in the country.

The New York City Museum of Modern Art, for example, is a world-class collection of art, architecture and sculpture that encompasses a full range of styles, including sculpture, ceramics, glass and metal, ceramic paintings, sculpture, photography and sculpture-making.

And the Art Institute of Chicago is the most well-known museum in the U.S., but it has also had a busy year, with more than 60 new exhibits opening and new exhibitions launching.

Here are a few things to know about the art and art history at New York, and the best way to get to know it. 1.

The Art Museum of New York is open from Thursday through Sunday.


The museum’s current exhibitions are: The Artist in the House, an exhibition exploring the creative and cultural lives of women and artists from around the world; A Matter of Time, a collection of works by contemporary artists including René Magritte, Gérard Delon, Jean-Paul Sartre and Jean-Michel Basquiat; A Time of Transition, a retrospective of artists from the late 20th century through the 21st; and The Artist, an ongoing series of installations on the streets of New Haven, Conn.


The Museum of Contemporary Art at the Brooklyn Museum has been open for more than 20 years.


In its first year, the Whitney Museum of American Art was open from Sept. 17 to Nov. 1, with a new exhibition, “The Age of American Photography,” opening March 21.


The MFA’s current exhibition, The Blacksmith: A Modern and Contemporary History, is an interactive series that shows how blacksmiths transformed and reinvented their profession through the 19th and 20th centuries.


The Fine Arts Museum of Syracuse opened on Aug. 31.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will open a new, 100-year-old building on Nov. 8.


The American Museum of Natural History in New Orleans opened Oct. 21, with its newest exhibition, An Introduction to the Birds of Prey: The Evolution of Ornithology.


The Whitney Museum is scheduled to open a permanent exhibit of the works of Charles Bukowski, a filmmaker and writer, on Oct. 27.


The British Museum is also scheduled to reopen Sept. 6 after a hiatus.


The Louvre in Paris will open Oct. 25.


The Tate Modern in London is scheduled for a major overhaul and refurbishment on Nov, 15.


The National Gallery of Art is scheduled, Nov. 12, to reopen after a 10-year hiatus.


The Los Angeles County Museum of California is scheduled as an international destination, with exhibitions on international artists, art and culture and cultural heritage in Los Angeles.


The San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts will reopen Sept, 15 after a five-year shuttering.


The Seattle Art Museum has moved to the University of Washington, opening on Sept. 29.


The Grand Central Terminal Museum in New Jersey will open Sept. 28.


The Smithsonian Tropical Islands will reopen on Oct, 3.


The Chicago Botanical Garden will reopen Oct. 8 after a three-year delay.


The Siena College of Art and Design will open as part of its major reopening celebration on Nov 3.


The Pritzker Pavilion at the Smithsonian will open Dec. 2 after a 12-month hiatus.


The Boston Museum of Science will reopen as part the Science Festival of Science Festival, featuring a series of exhibitions, talks and events.


The Guggenheim Museum in Paris reopened Oct. 31, following a two-year, $200 million renovation. 25

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