VIA: article Buffalo Art MUSEUM, Italy —  A few weeks ago, I attended a Buffalo Art museum show, attended by more than 1,000 art collectors from around the world, including many from Italy.

The highlight of my trip was watching an amazing show of the original drawings by Leonardo da Vinci that were created at the time of his death, as well as drawings by Picasso, Monet, Dali, Picasso’s nephew, and others.

The Buffalo Art Museums show is located on the site of the former Florence Opera House.

A couple of weeks ago I received a text message from an Italian friend, who said that she was planning to go to the show to visit with me.

After the show, we went to the Basilica of San Giovanni, a famous Renaissance chapel.

I was impressed by how much more stunning the original work is than the modern drawings that we see today.

There were many old, original paintings, which I enjoyed, but it was a bit surprising to see that the original paintings were painted by Leonardo, Picassos and others in a completely different style, not the one we now see.

It is interesting to note that the new art museum in Milan was created by the same artist who designed the original Basilica.

 There is an exhibition of some of the art from the new show at the Museum of Modern Art.

Here is a quick summary of some points I learned while visiting the museum:1.

The original drawings were painted at the end of the fifteenth century by Leonardo Da Vinci, and they were painted with black paint on a black canvas.

In fact, the original Leonardo da Vincis paintings, or frescos, were the first drawings that the world had seen, and were used for over 500 years.

The most famous of these works are the “Dalmane”, or “Man in the Temple” and the “Graziano da Bocca”.


Leonardo da Verdi created many of the famous frescos for the Basilicas of Santa Maria delle Giudice and San Giovanni.


The new paintings were produced in the late fifteenth and early eighteenth centuries by the Italian painter Leonardo de Medici.


The frescos are about 150 years old, and the paintings are made of wood and marble, not ivory or clay.


The paintings are the originals of the early Renaissance and the Renaissance-era art, with a little modernization for the modern times.


They are made in a studio in Florence, and there are no original artists who have created them.


Leonardo de Vincenzo da Verri has not worked on any of these paintings.


Leonardo and his friends did not invent the frescos.


The only difference between the original art and modern art is that the paintings were created in the Renaissance, not in the Modern Age.


The artist Leonardo Da Vincidis was not a Renaissance artist, but a modern artist.


The artwork is one of the most important Leonardo da Silva artworks, and I was really impressed by the amount of attention paid to detail.


The artists and their assistants were able to create the frescoes with only a few brushes, and not by adding watercolors.


The originals were sold to the public for about a hundred thousand dollars.


Leonardo was the first to create paintings in black and white.


The work was made of clay and wood, not plaster.


It was not easy to obtain a good quality black and blue paint, so it was painted in red and green to create a color contrast.


The black paint was mixed with green and red, and this resulted in a beautiful result.


The color contrast is important, because it is why you can see the difference between modern and Renaissance art.


The old drawings are painted by the great Renaissance artists.


They show that Leonardo was a modern painter, because the original frescos show him using a pencil, but the modern art paintings show him drawing with a brush.


The modern artists are famous for their realism.


The contemporary artists are known for their technical mastery.


The Italian art world is very interested in art history and the history of art.

The Buffalo Art shows an interesting side of this.


It is very nice to be in

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