The US’s iconic Target store in Chicago has been the target of a campaign of vandalism by anti-fascist groups.

The latest effort comes just days after Target reopened after being forced to temporarily close due to the growing threat of violence in the city.

The vandalism came after several protesters attempted to storm the store on Sunday night, according to ABC affiliate WLS.

Some of the protesters were arrested for trespassing.

Activists have also been vandalizing the local media outlet WLS, as well as a small number of businesses and other targets.

They have also set fires around the city and vandalized a local library, according the Chicago Sun Times. 

WLS reports that the protesters targeted the Target in the middle of a demonstration against the Trump administration, as they gathered for a rally.

They targeted the store because the store’s website lists its location in a “black and white” color scheme. 

According to WLS the protesters also vandalized other stores in the area. 

On Saturday night, protesters gathered at a protest site in front of the Target store and vandalised it, as WLS reports. 

In addition to the vandalism, some protesters set fires near the Target, while others threw rocks at a car in front. 

As of Monday, Target had reported the damage to be $4,600 and has promised to repair the damage and reopen by the end of the week. 

Target did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Earlier this week, a group of anti-fascists in Chicago targeted the Trump White House as well.

The protests were sparked after President Donald Trump signed a bill on Thursday to defund sanctuary cities.

The bill was met with strong opposition from cities and states. 

The protests were not connected to Target’s closure, according WLS and the Chicago Police Department did not report any criminal incidents or arrests during the demonstrations. 

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]

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