by Sarah Vowell and Jonathan Goldsmith.

Harpersburg Art Museum is the latest institution to create its own cover design.

(Sarah Vowell) For Harpersburgh, the creation of its own novel cover comes as a result of the fact that the museum had just released a limited edition book about the life of Sarah, the great 18th-century author, and her husband, William.

(The book, which has been described as “a masterpiece of the medium,” is currently on view through the museum.) 

“In a time when we’re not able to create our own covers, we wanted to do something different,” says Harpersburys head of creative and digital strategy, Chris Brown.

“We wanted to take a step back and create a cover that was very contemporary and very familiar.”

The result is a bookcover that, according to the museum, has a “tremendous emotional resonance and emotional resonance for all the readers that we serve.” 

(This story was updated at 3:30 p.m.

ET to include comments from the museum’s director, Dr. Mike Vowell, who says the book is “a work of art.”) 

Brown’s team, led by curator and author Sarah Vowles, designed the bookcover in collaboration with the Harpersbury Art Museum’s Art of Design Program.

They spent more than two years designing the cover for the book, as well as creating a new digital design for the website, where the cover can be viewed and downloaded.

They also spent several months talking to the team at the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum Of Modern Art Design Program, as the museum and its partners had never done a book covers for a book. 

“The book itself is very well-crafted,” Brown says.

“The book is very beautiful and it has a strong emotional resonance.

There is this great story, but the book cover is also very personal.” 

According to Vowell: The book’s title and subtitle are meant to evoke the story of Sarah and William.

And in many ways, they were.

We have to take it in that moment, the emotional moment, and make it personal. 

(The cover for The Book Of Sarah.)

“We wanted the book to have this really unique, high-end feel,” Vowell says.

And so, the book was created using a digital design.

“It’s not a digital mock-up,” she explains.

“This is a real book cover.

This is not a digitally altered photograph.

The book is a print, and it was digitally scanned and created in a lab, in a digital format.”

The book cover was created as part of a program called The Book of Sarah.

The program is aimed at teaching book designers how to create book covers and sell them, both online and in print.

Brown says the program is the first time a book has been created by a museum to showcase a book’s interior design and its design features.

“We’re in this unique position as museums,” Brown explains. 

Vowell says that this program is a collaborative effort.

The authors of The Book also worked closely with the museum to design and build a cover for their own book.

Brown said that both authors worked with their own designers to develop a design for The Gift, which was published in January.

The Museum Of Art’s design program is not limited to books, though.

Brown also says the new cover design was developed in conjunction with the Art of Art Museum, the city’s largest and oldest museum. 

Brown says the museum has worked with other museums around the world to develop novel cover designs. 

The museum, for instance, has designed a cover design for a film entitled The Night Shift.

Brown describes it as “one of the best cover designs we’ve ever seen.” 

“This cover was very hard to do,” he says. 

Harpersburgh is not the only institution to take an experimental approach to the design of novel covers. 

In 2014, The New York Times Magazine created a novel cover for its October issue that was inspired by the book of the same name. 

But in this case, the cover was based on the idea of the book itself, not on a digital image. 

For the book and for The New Yorker, the original novel cover was used.

The cover of The New Republic, meanwhile, has been in the public domain since 2009. 

It is possible, of course, that the New York book is simply more popular than other novel covers in history, or that the cover of this magazine is more popular that the original book.

(There are plenty of examples of books being used to sell books, and the book covers of The Times and The New Observer are often used to advertise newspapers.)

But for this article, we’ve used the novel cover of the Harper’sburg Art museum.

The first version of the cover, created by Harpersville Art Museum curator and curator of the Museum’s Creative Arts program, Sarah

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