The Arts and Heritage Ireland (AHII) has announced that it will mark the centenary of the organisation’s birth by opening its 100th Art and Culture exhibit at Parrish Art Museum.

“Artists from across the world, both Irish and international, have created an incredible legacy for this place, with their contributions to the world’s heritage and our culture,” Art Minister, Ailill MacIntyre, said.

“This exhibition will mark an exciting milestone in our history, and I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of our artisans, and of the contributions they have made to our national history.”

I hope that we can share this with the people of Ireland, and show the world how much we value their contribution to our country.

“The exhibition will be a series of works that have been curated by a range of artists including James O’Connor, Sean O’Neill, and Michael Burtch.”

The work of Irish artists is deeply embedded in the fabric of our nation and it is the people who have made it, who create it, that we must pay homage to,” Mr MacIntire said.

Artists and the environment The exhibition will also feature works by artists including Damien Hirst, John St. John and Michael Degas, as well as the works of the American painter Robert Frost.”

It is an incredible honour for us to be able to show these work of art, which is both timeless and contemporary, in this exhibition,” Ms MacIntreys said.

The project was supported by the Government’s Arts Fund and the Arts Commission, with the funding for this part of the project coming from the Irish Government.””

We have been thinking about this since the beginning of 2017 and we have now secured the funding necessary to complete the first phase of the exhibition,” she said.

The project was supported by the Government’s Arts Fund and the Arts Commission, with the funding for this part of the project coming from the Irish Government.

“With the funding from the Arts Fund, we will be able, at a time of great economic and political uncertainty, to showcase our work, to tell the story of Irish art and culture, to show the incredible contributions that artists have made,” Ms McIntyre said.

A total of five works will be exhibited at the exhibition, including the first of these works, The Windmill, by American artist Robert Frost, which will be displayed in the exhibition gallery.

“These paintings are a powerful reminder that Ireland has always been a country of the arts, and that they continue to be a source of inspiration and inspiration to our people and to our world,” Ms McDermott said.

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