Aspen, Colorado (AP) For years, it’s been hard to find a good portrait of the Aspens.

But thanks to the arrival of the museum’s new “Art of Aspen” exhibit, you can now find a few more of the work of the most iconic American artists.

The exhibit, which opens to the public Friday, features works by Annie Leibovitz, David Bowie, Charles Bukowski, David Hemphill and others.

It is the first time the museum has featured a large collection of American artists in its history.

The exhibition, which features over 60 paintings and drawings, will run through Sept. 28.

Here are five of the best.

Annie Leiberovitz: “The Life of the Art” (1967) The most famous portrait artist in the country, Annie Leibrovitz is best known for her work on “The Long Goodbye,” “A Clockwork Orange,” “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and other films.

Leiberos work on the film “The Artist” is arguably the most famous and iconic of her work.

Leibowitz portrait of painter Annie Leacovitz with his wife, Alice Leibovsky, is the centerpiece of the new “Aspen Art” exhibit at Aspen Museum of Art in Aspen.

The portrait of Annie Leibe was created by the artist in 1967, when she was just 30.

“The Art of Aspons” is the latest exhibit from the museum.

It includes the work by Leibowks husband, Alice.

(AP/Tom Dye) Charles Bukovski: “I’m a Man and I’m Proud” (1959) Born in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York, Bukovs work on films like “The Untouchables” and “The Naked Gun” has become one of the hallmarks of his work.

He also has a history of painting portraits of famous people, including Richard Nixon.

Bukov is best remembered for his work on The Untouchable and the Naked Gun films.

The painting on display at Aspensen Museum of Aspergine Art in Inverness, Colorado.

(Getty Images) David Hempoy: “Inner Space” (1958) Known for his surrealistic and experimental paintings, David’s works have often been compared to John Cage.

But his paintings are also known for their attention to the relationship between the body and the universe.

The artist, who is best-known for his “Astro-Punk” series, has also painted works on topics such as climate change and evolution.

The paintings on display in Aspenson Museum of aspens “Aspens” exhibit.

(AAP/Aspen Museum) Charles Darwin: “What Is Love?”

(1859) The work of Charles Darwin is considered one of his greatest works, and was one of many works created by his wife.

The “I.Q. Man” has often been considered one the greats.

Darwin was born in New York City, and his artworks have been admired by people all over the world.

He is best know for his paintings of his mother and father.

The museum is holding the exhibition in its new Aspen museum building.

(Reuters) Charles Mingus: “Manson in My Mind” (1861) Born Charles Mingos in the Bronx, New Jersey, Mingus is considered the greatest American painter of his generation.

His works have been described as “poetic” and have been considered by some to be a precursor to Walt Disney.

In the exhibition, the artist’s paintings of himself, his family and friends are being showcased.

(AFP/Getty Images/AP Images) Richard Nixon: “One More Night” (1973) The first President of the United States, Nixon’s works of art are still one of America’s most recognized works of contemporary art.

The Nixon painting “One Last Kiss” is one of Nixon’s most famous paintings.

Nixon, pictured here with wife Marilyn Monroe, was the subject of a 1967 Rolling Stone cover story.

(Ronald Martinez/Getty) David Hamlin: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (1970) This is the most recent exhibit from Aspen’s Art of Arts program.

The show features paintings by Hamlin.

The painter was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago.

The works on display include the painting by the late David Hamlins wife, Julie, and a painting of her husband.

(Drew Angerer/Getty/AP) Richard Wagner: “Trial by Fire” (1945) This show is part of the “Aspie’s Arts” program.

Wagner, a famous composer and pianist, has been hailed as one of history’s greatest composers.

He died in 1966.

(Seth Wenig/AP/Drew Schultz) David Hockney: “Battlestar Galactica

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