I love museums.

I love their beautiful art and their people.

I like to walk through their halls and see their works.

I enjoy going to art galleries.

I’m a big fan of art.

And when I came across this museum exhibit called The Art of Mori, I was inspired.

I was so excited.

I think I would have stopped by that museum if I could have.

Mori is located in the heart of the village of Moria in southern Nigeria, just north of the border with Cameroon.

It is the largest museum in Nigeria.

And it is the place where a lot of art has been created.

It has been the focus of a lot the attention from artists around the world for centuries.

It’s been a home to some of the most influential African artists.

But I wanted to know more about the people and culture who have shaped this piece of art and why.

So I called the museum and asked them if they knew anything about the museum.

They told me they don’t know anything about it.

But they did tell me that the artist, Muriel, is from Cameroon.

And Muriel is a very well-known Nigerian artist.

She has done several pieces for Moria and the museum exhibit.

I asked her if she knew about Mori and she said, “Oh yes.

That’s why I came to Moria.”

I wanted her to know that the Mori art is very important to her.

So what was the first thing she said?

“It’s a beautiful piece.”

She said she had never been to the museum before and she was excited to see what it was like.

I told her that I would come in to see the artwork and then I would tell her about what I was looking for.

And that was the whole idea of the exhibit.

She said, You’re right, it’s beautiful.

I’ll give you an example.

She told me, The piece in the exhibit is called “The Mori Girl.”

It’s a little girl with long black hair and blue eyes.

She is standing there with her arms crossed, and she’s wearing a very revealing dress.

She’s wearing two shoes and a hat.

And she has a very beautiful face.

And then, next to her, there’s a big, beautiful smile.

So this is what I wanted you to see.

The Mori artist Muriel.

I wanted Muriel to know why she’s chosen to create this piece.

She explained that it’s because Moria is one of the few places in Nigeria where you can see the art of the Nigerians.

So, she wanted to show the people of Mora the world’s most beautiful pieces of art that are done by people of Nigeria.

So she wanted us to see that.

So you’ll see the paintings of Moris children, the paintings by women, and then the artworks by women.

I also wanted to see some of her paintings and how they came to be.

I went to the painting of a little boy with long, white hair, and the painting where he is standing with his arms crossed.

And I asked him, You can’t see my face, can you?

And he said, I don’t understand.

I’ve never seen your face.

So then I asked, Do you know how this painting came to exist?

And she said she didn’t know.

And there was a long pause.

I said, Well, you can’t understand the face.

Then I asked the same question to another child, but this time the child said, Can you see my nose?

So that’s how I met this child.

Muriel told me that this painting is called a “tamou” because it has a large black nose.

She also said that it was a gift to the village for the village people.

And this is the second painting that I asked about.

I explained that this is a “dongo” or a “sarabar” painting.

And the next painting was about a girl, but the woman who created the painting, Mori Mani, is a woman.

She created this painting because she wanted people to see her work.

And so I said to Muriel: You’re telling me this painting was made by Mori woman?

And Murie said, No, but she is very beautiful.

And you can find her at the art gallery.

I saw that the woman I was talking about was also very beautiful and she told me she was also an artist.

I thought, Well that’s the kind of art I want to see here.

And as I walked in to the gallery, I asked Muriel how it felt to see someone so beautiful in her work and I wanted someone who was also beautiful.

But that’s when I realized, This is the kind, this is who this painting comes from.

She then said she knew who the artist was.

And of course, this was a surprise to me because I never thought she would be able to

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