New York’s Art Institute is planning to open a new gallery in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2018 that will display its latest exhibitions and exhibits, including the debut of “New World,” a three-part exhibition on American history.

The new space, dubbed “Art in the Bay,” will feature exhibitions and interactive programs that explore the history and culture of the Bay Area, according to a press release.

The new exhibition will feature works by a host of artists, including a muralist, a painter, an illustrator, a sculptor, a photographer, and a photographer-turned-artist, according the press release, which notes that the space will also feature a curated exhibit of art and music from across the Bay.

The Art Institute’s New World gallery will be located on the third floor of the museum’s new art building, which opened in 2017.

It’s the latest in a series of new museum-themed space expansions, which are meant to showcase the works of the artists and curators of the new exhibitions and programming, the release notes.

“The Art Museum’s expansion to include an expanded gallery and new exhibition space will provide the world’s most comprehensive, immersive and inspiring exhibition space, which will be available to the public, from a world-class venue,” Art Institute Director of Museums, Linda Smith, said in a press statement.

“This is a significant moment in the museum landscape and our mission to bring art and technology to people around the world.”

The announcement follows an initial announcement last week that the museum was adding two new galleries, one in its new Art Museum building, and another at its former location in Oakland.

“New Worlds” is set to be exhibited in the first of the two new spaces in 2019.

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