Toronto’s newest art museum is taking a rare stance against the hunting of animals by people and institutions.

The Toronto Art Museums new exhibition, We Are All Hunting: Our Journey Into the Wilds, will show a series of short films by the director, David McElhinney, that chronicles his own hunting experiences.

In addition to the film shorts, a new interactive website will highlight a variety of animals, including lions, tigers, wolves and coyotes, and will provide links to other conservation projects.

As the first museum in North America to create a museum that celebrates hunting, McElhenney’s films also highlight the diversity of wildlife living in the city.

He told the National Post in 2012 that he had been told by his father that if he ever shot a deer, he would not have been allowed to do so because he was a hunter.

“I thought it was wrong,” he said.

“I had to do it.

I had to take a chance.”

The documentary films have been screened at museums and festivals across Canada, and the museum hopes to expand the list to include the rest of Canada.

“I want to do something for animals that have been in captivity for so long,” McElhorny told the Globe.

“It’s something that really resonates with me.”

The museum has also begun hosting a series called We Are Hunting, which will feature a series from wildlife experts.

For now, the film festival will focus on the animals.

When the museum opened its doors in 2012, the exhibition was the first major outdoor exhibition to feature hunting on the inside.

The opening ceremony was attended by hundreds of people, and McElhney’s short films, as well as the exhibition’s original artwork, were displayed on a large screen.

This spring, the museum will open its doors to a larger public for the first time.

After the exhibition, visitors can walk through the museum’s expansive outdoor exhibition space and view the films.

Visitors can also meet McElhalns son, Michael, a professional photographer who is also a conservationist.

McElhlonney has spent years researching his work, and he is hoping to continue this work after the exhibit opens.

“The exhibition is the most significant thing I’ve done,” McAlhinney said.

While the exhibit is just a part of the museum, the new documentary films are a critical part of his legacy, McAlhorny said.

“There’s a lot of people out there who are going to watch these videos, who will be inspired by what we are doing,” he told the Toronto Sun.

“And hopefully we will be able to use them as a resource for other conservation efforts.”

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