The National Museum of the American Indian (NMIA) in Washington, D.C., is one of the worlds largest art museums.

It is also one of its most expensive, with more than $5 billion in debt.

But it has one thing going for it: its staff is the most diverse of any museum in the world.

Here are 10 things that make it so. 1.

Most diverse staff The NMIA staff includes more than 300 people from every corner of the globe.

This diversity makes the museum a natural choice for artists to work in.

For example, there are about a quarter of NMIA’s members from Brazil, Argentina, India, the Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan and Turkey.

There are also many indigenous people from Mexico, India and other countries.

NMIA also has an international department that offers workshops and conferences for artists from around the world and is also home to a museum of art by renowned French artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

NMia is a major hub for art, and the museum itself is also an institution in itself.

There’s a vast collection of Basquique paintings in the Art Gallery, which houses Basquias most famous paintings, and a collection of paintings by Pablo Picasso, whose work is displayed in the gallery.

The NMCA is also a destination for art lovers and collectors.

There is an exhibit on Basquia’s work at the Smithsonian’s National Museum.

NMCA also hosts an annual Art Walk that draws over 20,000 visitors from all over the world, and hosts an international art fair called the Art Showcase that draws artists from across the globe, including artists from the U.S., the U of A, Australia and many more.


Most expensive art museum The NMDA is a $3.5 billion museum with over 1,000 works on display.

The museum has a staggering budget.

The $3 billion cost includes nearly $1 billion for renovations and additions to its existing facilities, including a $1.6 billion renovation of the main building and a $500 million upgrade of the existing exhibition space.

NMDA also has about $2.2 billion in reserves that can be used to make major renovations, such as adding new exhibits and galleries.


Most artists are Native American The NMNA is one among many Native American museums that includes works by Native American artists, and more than 70% of the artists who have worked at NMNA are Native Americans.

NMNA has also had a strong presence in Native American art, particularly in the Umaro tribe of the Bighorn.

There were Native American works displayed at the museum for more than a century, and they have also been displayed at other Native American sites.

NMNE has also hosted Native American dancers and musicians, who have performed in its annual Spirit Walk.


Most Indigenous artists The NMNIA is the only museum in North America that includes the Native American artist who is actually Indigenous.

It’s a feat, because the Native Americans who were at NMIA were originally slaves.

For generations, Native American slaves were forced to work on plantations in California, where they worked alongside white Americans and whites and were not paid for their work.

The Native Americans eventually became free, but they weren’t free for very long.

Some of them moved to Mexico and then eventually to the U, where many of them were enslaved by the Spanish.

Some became indentured servants, and some of them died on the plantations.

In recent years, some of these former slaves have returned to the United States and begun their careers as artists.

Many of them are artists who were raised by Native Americans and have made important contributions to American culture.

They include the Native artist Maya Angelou, who has lived in Los Angeles and now teaches at the University of Southern California.


Native American children are often the ones who inspire the museum’s most talented artists There are at least 40 Native American students at NMNAs annual Art Show, which draws hundreds of artists from all around the country.

Many are gifted artists who are passionate about their craft.

NMNAS also offers an annual Native American Arts Day.

These events are usually held at the NMNA’s main building, where there is usually an art show.

The artists present work for students and the public to enjoy.

NM NAAS also has a museum for Native American arts, where the museum offers tours of the museum and also presents the museum as a cultural center.

NMAA also hosts the Native Arts Festival, which is a national event for Native artists.

NMTA also has several programs that provide workshops to Native artists and teaches them about Native American history and culture.

NMMA has an Indigenous Art Gallery where artists can explore their art.

NMAM has several Indigenous art programs, including an annual exhibition of Native American artwork called the Black Artist.


Most Native artists are white Native American and Black artists are a significant part of the

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