NEW ORLEANS — For many art museum interns, getting to work with artists, curators and collectors is the most important part of their internship.

The internship offers them the opportunity to interact with artists and collectors, learn about their craft, learn from one another and work on a project together.

But for many others, internships are a chance to see the real-world work that is behind the art of their art museum and to get an edge on other students who might be better suited for the job.

Art museums across the country are trying to offer internships that are more creative, collaborative and rewarding, but not all art museums are equally enthusiastic about the art internship.

New Orleans art museum intern, Amanda St. John, is a part of the team at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

“I love to be here and do this, but it’s not all fun and games.

It’s a little bit like a real job, and there’s a lot of work,” St. Johns said.

“We do a lot in the day, but sometimes we need to go to the studio to get the artwork done.

I’m really excited to be doing this and it’s the coolest thing that I’ve ever done.”

St. John was a student at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and is currently working on a documentary about the work of African-American painters.

St John’s internship was a lot more than just working with artists.

She also works with a curator and works with collectors.

“It’s the only time I work with a real curator,” St John said.

There are many internships available for art museum employees.

Some are in-person, while others are done through social media.

Other museums have a list of art internships on their websites.

The University of Florida’s art department offers an internship to its art interns and says that it is not a formal position.

An intern at the museum is paid $3 an hour, but is expected to complete a project within six weeks.

According to the department, a majority of the interns work in the creative department, and many have experience with digital media, graphic design and design services.

At the University of Missouri’s art museum in Columbia, Missouri, intern Amanda Stojakovic, works in the department of art and design.

Stojakov said that there is a huge demand for internships and that the art department is looking for talented interns.

If you are looking for an internship, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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