Minnesota is home to a number of art museums, and the city boasts several among the best.

The city is home also to the Art Institute of Minnesota, which offers an array of programs including exhibits and classes, and there are a number that cater to artists.

One of the most popular is the Art Museum of Minneapolis, which is known for its popular and educational museum.

There are also a number more niche museums that offer unique programs and exhibits.

Here are the best museums in Minneapolis and how to find them.

Minnesota Art Museum The Minneapolis Art Museum has a wide variety of programs and exhibitions.

For example, the Art of Painting program offers courses on painting, photography, sculpture, painting history, and even a studio for artists to use.

The museum also offers free guided tours, art installations, and classes.

It’s not surprising that the Art is one of the more popular museums in the area, as there are plenty of other museums in and around Minneapolis that offer a wide range of programs.

The Art Museum offers programs on everything from photography to film and theater.

The MTM is located at 2065 E. State St., Minneapolis, MN 55413.

For more information on the museum, visit the Minneapolis Art Museums website.

The Minneapolis Museum of Art The Minneapolis museum is the city’s oldest and largest museum.

The building is built in 1884 and houses many of the citys first permanent exhibitions.

The main focus of the museum is on painting and sculpture, and its galleries and art collections have become a great place to visit.

The Museum of the Moving Image (MOMI) is an interactive exhibition that gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at a number different artists, including Andy Warhol, Carl Barks, and Diane Arbus.

The exhibit also includes works by MOMI’s resident master, David Auerbach, as well as contemporary artists.

For information on MOMi, visit mamidmuseum.org.

The Minnesota Art Institute (MIA) The Minneapolis Institute of Art has a long history of exhibiting and performing in the arts.

Founded in 1909, the MIA offers classes on a wide array of topics, including painting, sculpture and film.

The Institute is located in the former U.S. Army Training and Education Center at 7th and Market streets.

For details on the MIA, visit artis.mn.org or call (612) 682-0332.

The National Museum of American History The National museum of American history has a collection of over 4,000 items, including paintings, prints, and drawings.

The Smithsonian Institution (SIS) has a larger collection of works, including more than 2,000 works by American artists.

The collection includes many of Americas most famous artists, and is located just blocks from the Capitol.

For further information on museums and art in Minnesota, check out the SIS Minnesota website.

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