Art Museum of Southern California to open in January 2018

The Art Museum’s newest home will open in California this January, and it will be a permanent home for the art museum that started in 1925 in San Francisco, according to a news release.The Art Museum will also be expanding its offerings in 2018 with the addition of a new gallery, a new exhibition, an […]

Why the Art of Paul Gauguin is Worth Watching in 2018

The Art of David Foster Wallace, which is celebrating its centennial in 2018, may not have much to say to the art world.But it is a fascinating story that highlights how art history is evolving.The film is based on the life of the British-French writer, painter and essayist, and it tells the story of Wallace’s […]

How to tell the difference between an art museum and an art gallery

As the world’s most visited museums, museums are crucial to our society, yet their status as museums is often misunderstood.Here, we will explore the difference in their different aspects, including the types of exhibitions, the amount of time they can hold, the availability of admission and the type of work being exhibited.First, an introduction to […]

How to get into the Saginaw Art Museum: Get in the game

Saginaws Art Museum is the newest attraction to the Detroit metropolitan area and it’s set to open in 2020.With an art collection of over 2,000 works from around the world, the museum is a must-visit for any museum-goer.The museum also has a collection of original paintings, sculptures and photographs, making it an exciting addition to […]

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